Michael suffered an anoxic brain injury due to his heart stopping from a rare disease.


Nichole’s father suffered a massive stroke and saw a marked improvement in his quality of life.

Marv Fleming

Spent 12 years in the NFL taking brutal hits to his body and head. Listen to how HBOT has changed his life!


Magdelena’s son David received 40 hyperbaric treatments with great results! David has Autism and he gained the ability of communicating better with family and friends.

Jasmine and her Daughter Jocelyn

Jocelyn suffered a near drowning in a swimming pool and saw incredible results from HBOT.

She came to Advanced Hyperbarics Rx unaware of her surroundings and unable to move. She completed 80 treatments and has since made a full recovery!


      The first hyperbaric place I contacted was down in Irvine and the girl on the phone asked me, "So do you know someone who can give you a prescription for this?" I was thinking, "Really, they don't have anyone to recommend?" I told her about my condition and she said she'd look it up and get back to me. After we hung up I realized that she hadn't told me any price. I called her again and she said a single treatment was over $200 (can't remember the exact price). That place had the tube kind of hyperbaric that you lay down in that people can feel claustrophobic in. Anyway, she NEVER got back to me. And I should thank her becuz I did another search and found Advanced Hyperbarics! And boy, am I glad!!

    I called and they recommended a Dr. right off - which I expected. (A lot of Dr.'s do not believe in HBOT and will not give you a prescription, I was turned down by two Dr.'s.) Also, they are in Stanton which is MUCH closer to me. AND their single treatment is only $150, a package of ten is a hundred dollars a session. That's incredibly reasonable from what I've found from other places. And you're not in a little tube but in what looks like a little submarine that can actually seat 5 people. I'm always in there by myself though and usually lie across the 5 seats and watch a movie I've picked out or listen to music. I found another place that has this type of larger compartment and it was much more expensive, plus they make you buy a helmet for a one time fee of $150! But Advanced Hyperbarics gives you a free mask - no other expenses. Another really awesome thing is you get a 20 minute freebie "dive" before you have to decide so you can see if you want to actually do it. WOW!!

    The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Jay, the owner, is really nice and very laid back. Once I was late and apologized for being so and he said, "Are you late?" lol. They have a Respiratory Therapist on staff who walks you through everything. They're always keeping a watchful eye on you while you're inside to make sure you're comfortable. They give you pillows and blankets and water and chewing gum if you need it. They have lockers for your stuff.

    I've done 17 "dives" and I'm like 90% better! They gave me back my life! No more pain sitting or walking. It's like a miracle!

    thumb Autumn M.

      It's been over four years since I've used the services at Advanced Hyperbarics. Then recently a client of mine was interested in utilizing HBOT to aid in her recovery after an auto accident and the surgeries that followed. I recalled the great service I received, and of course referred her.

    The facility was kept very clean, yet welcoming, and the staff made me feel safe and comfortable. Also, the prices were very reasonable compared to other facilities. And, I had good results after my 10 sessions!

    thumb Evangeline M.

      This place offers the best HBOT in the southland. I have tried and liked other places but the knowledgeable staff and education this facility provides makes this the better experience. Their staff are friendly and welcoming. There are lockers to place your bag, shoes and etc. I have felt a difference after the few sessions I have begun. As I understand it HBOT is good for everything from wound care, and bone health to mental health and autism. So grateful to have found this place.

    thumb Emily L.

      Wonderful place to have hyperbaric oxygen done.  My wife had encephalopathy secondary to extreme bloodloss and she was making steady recovery thanks to this facility.  Mark is an expert in oxygen treatment and he has assured me that many people have improved while getting treatments.  They also have the lowest fee in LA and I can afford more treatments for my wife..

    thumb Steve L.