Michael suffered an anoxic brain injury due to his heart stopping from a rare disease.


Nichole’s father suffered a massive stroke and saw a marked improvement in his quality of life.

Marv Fleming

Spent 12 years in the NFL taking brutal hits to his body and head. Listen to how HBOT has changed his life!


Magdelena’s son David received 40 hyperbaric treatments with great results! David has Autism and he gained the ability of communicating better with family and friends.

Jasmine and her Daughter Jocelyn

Jocelyn suffered a near drowning in a swimming pool and saw incredible results from HBOT.

She came to Advanced Hyperbarics Rx unaware of her surroundings and unable to move. She completed 80 treatments and has since made a full recovery!


      I have done about 20 dives and I can't say enough about the professionalism of each staff member at Advanced Hyperbarics.  They make me feel comfortable when I am in the chamber because I know there is a watchful eye over me at all times.  My sessions always go the full one hour plus decompression time.

    I highly recommend Advanced Hyperbarics.

    thumb Brendan B.

      It's been over four years since I've used the services at Advanced Hyperbarics. Then recently a client of mine was interested in utilizing HBOT to aid in her recovery after an auto accident and the surgeries that followed. I recalled the great service I received, and of course referred her.

    The facility was kept very clean, yet welcoming, and the staff made me feel safe and comfortable. Also, the prices were very reasonable compared to other facilities. And, I had good results after my 10 sessions!

    thumb Evangeline M.

      I just had my first "dive" yesterday...and it was great!  I didn't know what to expect, but their very kind and knowledgeable staff was wonderful at walking me through the process.  Both Jay and David were fantastic and put me at ease.  I felt confident that I was in very capable hands!.

    This is an amazing opportunity to experience a holistic healing experience at a price that is affordable for everyone!  Emphasis is on safety and quality.  Don't be put off by the lack of ambiance and less than spa like atmosphere...this is an incredible experience to heal!

    Teresa Davenport, Newport Beach

    thumb Teresa D.

      I have used hyperbarics since 2013 and have been to a lot of facilities. Not all HBO chambers are the same and I have had some bad experiences in other locations as I was trying to locate a good place. The guys here were great - they were helpful, accommodating, had the system with free flow oxygen (if you don't know the difference let me tell you that you only ever want to go to a place that uses free flow oxygen). The chambers are big so you can lay down, sit up, lounge, read, watch a movie or TV or just have quiet time.

    I have a couple inflammatory diseases (biopsy diagnosed disease) and didn't want to take medications. HBOT manages my conditions which is a total blessing. I came out of remission this last year for the first time in years. It was pretty scary wondering what would happen to me.. but I increased my frequency to HBOT, thankfully they are fairly close to where I live, for the crisis at hand and within about 4-6 weeks I was moving back into remission.

    The guys are super friendly, nice and super attentive and helpful. They have been extremely helpful for my own conditions, needs and limitations and my being there over the last couple years 2-5x/month I have had the opportunity to see them work with very delicate situations with love, respect and total kindness towards EVERYONE. They are on time and things run SMOOTH.

    My own medical concerns and problems have given me the opportunity to see the good and dark side of medicine. These guys do quality work.. AND they are GOOD people. Something that is more and more rare these days. I am thankful and feel blessed to have them so nearby.

    thumb Chris L.